Aftershave Sprays

Aftershave spray is a product that is applied to the face after shaving. It is used to soothe the skin and to prevent razor burn. There are many different types of aftershave spray on the market, and it can be confusing to know which one to choose. This buying guide will help you choose the right aftershave spray for your needs.

Level 3 After Shave Spray Cologne – Softens Skin – Refreshes and Relieves Face and Skin – Moisturizing Formula L3 – Level Three After Shaving Fragrances for Men (Fresh)

level 3 after shave spray cologne softens skin refreshes and relieves face and skin moisturizing formula l3 level three after shaving fragrances for men fresh

Score: 99.92

Color: Clear

  • INSTANT AFTER SHAVE RELIEF – Level 3 After Shave Spray Cologne gives your skin instant relief after shaving by moisturizing and hydrating the skin.
  • PROTECTS – We made sure to formulate the Level 3 After Shave Spray Cologne with the best ingredients to protect the skin from skin breakouts, razor bumps, nicks and cuts.
  • SOFTENS SKIN – The after shave spray is specially formulated to hydrate and moisturize your skin leaving it soft and smooth every day!
  • REFRESHING – Our after shaving spray cologne has a refreshing fragrance so you’ll feel, smell and look fresh and cool all day long!
  • FOR ALL SKIN TYPES – We made sure that our formula and ingredients are safe and works for soothing and relieving all skin types.

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Old Spice Classic After Shave 4.25 Ounce (125ml) (2 Pack)

old spice classic after shave 4 25 ounce 125ml 2 pack

Score: 99.45

  • It will still be around, even after nuclear fallout
  • The unmistakably masculine scent of Old Spice
  • Cool, crisp, and clean
  • Old Spice Classic Cologne Spray

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Aqua Velva After Shave, Classic Ice Blue, Soothes, Cools, and Refreshes Skin, 7 Ounce

aqua velva after shave classic ice blue soothes cools and refreshes skin 7 ounce

Score: 98.93

Color: BLUE

Dimensions: 5.41″ x 3.86″ x 1.39″

  • Aqua Velva, known as America’s first after shave, has been helping soothe, cool and refresh men’s skin since 1917
  • Classic American fragrance
  • After shave lotion for men firms and tones skin
  • Leaves skin feeling cool and refreshed
  • Completes a clean shave
  • Experience the cool, fresh feeling of ice blue, the classic American fragrance
  • This after shave gives a fresh feel and the fragrance makes you cool and confident to begin a new day
  • A favored product for men on the go
  • Firms and tones masculine skin
  • This after shave gives a fresh feel and the fragrance makes you cool and confident to begin a new da

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Xotics by Curtis Smith – Skin Rescue Razor Bump Skin Irritation Spray – 2 oz – Professionally Formulated to Fight Razor Burn & Sooth Skin Irritation – Enhanced with Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera & Lavender

xotics by curtis smith skin rescue razor bump skin irritation spray 2 oz professionally formulated to fight razor burn sooth skin irritation enhanced with tea tree oil aloe vera lavender

Score: 97.1

  • Skin Rescue Razor Bump Skin Irritation Spray works to soothe skin while relieving many types of irritation
  • Designed to enhance cell regeneration & revive dull, dry skin
  • Unique formula combines natural herbs, beta acids & essential oils
  • Enhanced with Tea Tree Oil, Egyptian Geranium & Patchouli for their antiseptic & antimicrobial properties
  • Formulated with Aloe Vera & Lavender to soothing & healing skin

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Clubman Pinaud Musk After Shave Cologne, 6 oz

clubman pinaud musk after shave cologne 6 oz

Score: 96.68

Dimensions: 5.5″ x 1.75″ x 1.75″

  • CLASSIC MASCULINE MUSK FRAGRANCE: Clubman Pinaud Musk After Shave Cologne is a throwback to the powerhouse fragrances of the 1800s. With one splash, you’re transported to that old-time barbershop your father or grandfather used to go to. It is richly scented with oak moss, citrus and synthetic musk with hints of orange, lemon and bergamot. The end result? A warm, masculine, and timeless aroma that is both invigorating and seductive! A must-have for those who love a classic barbershop scent!
  • EXHILARATING FRESHENER, SOOTHES SKIN AFTER SHAVING: Searching for that perfect aftershave? Clubman Pinaud Musk After Shave Cologne is the go-to! It has a unique blend of ingredients that helps tone the skin, soothe it, and prevent irritation from erupting due to shaving. Suitable even for the most sensitive skin right after a shave, this antiseptic treatment works marvelously offering a cooling tingle while conditioning pores and treating post shaving blues such as nicks, cuts, burns, and itch.
  • KEEP YOUR MACHO GWAPITO FRESHNESS ALL DAY: This aftershave cologne from Clubman offers a mysteriously masculine musk fragrance that’s bold and long lasting suitable for everyday wear or for dressing up for those special occasions. Specially formulated to help you achieve that macho, suave look that will surely make the ladies swoon for you. Applying this liberally after a shower or just a splash after shaving will calm your skin and leave you smelling fresh and looking cool all day long!
  • CONVENIENT SIZE, GREAT FOR TRAVEL: Clubman Pinaud Musk After Shave Cologne is everything you need to keep your skin invigorated, leaving you always ready to take on the day! It comes in a 6 oz bottle so you’re never without this classic grooming product especially when the need arises! Great to use after a shave to calm skin, right after showering to stay cool, or right before heading out for the night. Groom like a true gentleman anytime, anywhere with this aftershave cologne!
  • CRUELTY-FREE, MADE IN THE US, TRUSTED FOR GENERATIONS: A true neighborhood barbershop staple, the Pinaud brand and its Clubman line of fine men’s toiletries have been the go-to brand for men’s grooming products. Offering a wide range of popular men’s grooming products, Clubman remains true to the brand’s heritage while bringing to market must-haves driven by market trends. All products are 100 % cruelty-free – never tested on animals and proudly made in the US!

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Christian Dior Eau Sauvage By Christian Dior for Men – 3.4 Oz After Shave Lotion Spray, 3.4 Ounce

christian dior eau sauvage by christian dior for men 3 4 oz after shave lotion spray 3 4 ounce

Score: 96.54

Color: After Shave

Dimensions: 9.84″ x 1.97″ x 3.15″

  • Christian Dior After shave lotion spray
  • After shave lotion spray
  • 100 % quality guarantee

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Pino Silvestre Cologne By Pino Silvestre After Shave Spray Cologne for Men 4.2 oz After Shave Spray (Strong practicability)

pino silvestre cologne by pino silvestre after shave spray cologne for men 4 2 oz after shave spray strong practicability

Score: 96.11

  • ※Pino Silvestre Cologne By Pino Silvestre After Shave Spray Cologne for Men 4.2 oz After Shave Spray
  • ※Rich layering, full of charm after use
  • ·

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After Shave Serum, After Shave Moisturizer, Tea Tree Aftershave Spray, Moisturizing Aftershave Gel, Shrink Pores, Cooling and Repairing, Deeply Clean

after shave serum after shave moisturizer tea tree aftershave spray moisturizing aftershave gel shrink pores cooling and repairing deeply clean

Score: 95.75

  • Can Instantly Calm The Skin And Relieve The Discomfort Caused By Shaving : After spraying, quickly cooling and repairing soothes the stinging, burning and sensitive discomfort caused by shaving, and gives the skin a refreshing experience.
  • Spray-type Aftershave Care Essence Cools The Skin More Easily : A spray that turns into water, instantly soothes the heat, and gel atomization cooling technology.
  • Small Molecule Essence That Is Easily Absorbed By The Skin : Moisturizing and soothing, improving tightness and dehydration to shrink pores, ultra small molecule hyaluronic acid quickly penetrates and is easy to absorb.
  • Repair Sensitive Skin Condition, Fine Pores : After shave repair, soothes discomfort and scratches after shave, like gel atomization technology, penetrates pores and washes away shiny acne.
  • Repair And Shrink Pores, Calm And Soothe The Skin : Repair irritation after shave and shrink pores. Tea tree essential oil can penetrate deep into the skin to calm and relieve discomfort after shave.

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Best After-shave Balm, Sandalwood Scent, Premium Aftershave Lotion, Soothes and Moisturizes Face after shaving, Does Not Dry The Skin, Eliminates Razor Burn For A Silky Smooth Finish …

best after shave balm sandalwood scent premium aftershave lotion soothes and moisturizes face after shaving does not dry the skin eliminates razor burn for a silky smooth finish

Score: 93.56

  • CALMS IRRITATION and eliminates razor burn. Lather & Wood aftershave balm gives unsurpassed cooling and a refreshing finish to your shave. Since its non-drying, it does not sting or burn but calms and soothes irritated skin cause by shaving. This after shave lotion is excellent for sensitive skin.
  • NON-DRYING FORMULA Moisturizes skin, leaving your freshly shaven face with a smooth healthy glow. Do you enjoy using a safety razor or straight razor? This after shave balm is the perfect finish to your classic shaving routine.
  • GOES ON NICE AND SMOOTH. Lather & Woods non-greasy hydrating formula absorbs nicely into the skin, leaving your face feeling silky smooth
  • LIGHT YEARS AHEAD of commercial shaving balms, this after shave balm will be the best after-shave you have ever used. See why our customers never go back to the commercial drugstore brands. A little goes a long way making this a great value with a teriffic old school feel.

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What to Look for When Buying a Aftershave Spray

When buying a Aftershave Spray you should look for the following:

1. Scent: Aftershave should have a pleasant scent that is not too strong.

2. Size: Aftershave should come in a convenient size for travel and everyday use.

3. Price: Aftershave should be affordable without sacrificing quality.

4. Ingredients: Aftershave should contain natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

5. Effectiveness: Aftershave should soothe the skin and leave it feeling refreshed.


1. Make sure your face is clean and dry before applying aftershave.

2. Splash some cold water on your face to help close your pores.

3. Apply aftershave to your face and neck.

4. Massage the aftershave into your skin.

5. Allow the aftershave to dry before putting on a shirt.

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I use aftershave spray?

Spray a small amount of aftershave onto your face after shaving. Avoid spraying it into your eyes. You can also apply it using a cotton ball.

2. What are the benefits of using aftershave spray?

Aftershave spray can help soothe your skin after shaving and prevent razor burn. It can also help close your pores and reduce the risk of infection.

3. Are there any risks associated with using aftershave spray?

If you have sensitive skin, you may experience irritation from aftershave spray. Always test it on a small area of your skin before using it on your face. If you experience any irritation, discontinue use.