1.Start with clean, dry hair that has been combed out.
2. Decide how much you want to trim off and where you want the beard to end based on the shape of your face. Use a shaving razor or trimmer to mark these lines clearly.
3. Comb the hair down so it lies flat against your skin and then use scissors to snip along the line you marked earlier, being careful not to cut too much at once.
4. Trim any stray hairs outside of your initial lines with a razor or BeardTrim sawtooth scissors until everything is even


Use your scissors to maintain your beard, if you are going for length, don’t bother with your trimmers. Scissors are more reliable than clippers. You can use both tools to shape your beard.

Is It Better To Trim Beard With Scissors?

Use your scissors to maintain your beard, if you are going for length, don’t bother with your trimmers. Remove the split ends from the beard. You can use both tools to shape your beard. Many barbers use trimmers to cut the shape they’re trying to achieve. [0]


Should I Trim Beard With Scissors Or Clippers?

A pair of scissors can last you your entire life, while clippers need to be replaced every now and then. Scissors are more reliable than clippers. One hand gesture can destroy a beard. To mess things up, you have to be really bad at trimming. [2]

How Often Should You Trim Your Beard With Scissors?

You should trim your beard every few days. Your beard will grow in that shape once you do this. A person’s neck area will not be neglected by a good facial grooming. The space underneath your chin should not be trimmed too close to your skin. [3]

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Is Scissors Good For Facial Hair?

When trimming beards or hard-to-reach spots, scissors with pointed ends are more precise. Basic scissors are perfectly good, but we like those with features designed to increase comfort, like rubber cushions, oradjustable tension. [4]

Should You Trim The Sides Of Your Beard?

It’s important to maintain symmetry since parts of your beard grow at different speeds. If one cheek is long and dense, but the other has fallen behind, you’ll need to trim and shape the longer side to give the shorter side a fighting chance. [6]


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