The main difference between beard balm and butter is the texture; balm is more waxy, while butter is creamy. Balm also has a higher percentage of beeswax, which gives it more hold.


Beard butter can be used daily to keep your beard clean. Unlike beard balm, beard butter gives your beard a softer texture. Balm is more waxy, while butter is creamy.

Is Beard Butter Good For Your Beard?

It helps keep your beard clean. It can be used daily without causing any irritation associated with oils. Unlike beard balm, beard butter gives your beard a softer texture. [0]


When Should I Use Beard Oil Balm Butter?

Before applying beard butter or beard balm, most men start their beard care routine with a small amount of beard oil. With more shaping ability than an oil, beard butter is the way to go for those looking for a more lightweight product. [1]

Can You Use Beard Oil Butter And Balm Together?

Is it possible to use beard oil and beard balm together? We wouldn’t recommend it. Your beard could look greasy if the shea butter from the beard balm and beard oil don’t mix well. [2]

Should I Use Both Beard Oil And Butter?

Beard butter should be applied daily. It’s important to note that it’s not a replacement for beard oil which keeps your skin from peeling and itching. The benefits of the beard oil are locked in by the beard butter. [3]

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Does Beard Butter Help Grow Your Beard?

Beard butter provides healthy hair as well as rapid beard growth, and all of these could be possible because of its natural contents like butter, which is one of the main ingredients for hair growth. [4]

What Are The Benefits Of Beard Butter?

Due to its spreadability, beard butter is easier to work through the beard and skin. A beard butter will only give a light hold and styling effect on the beard. [5]

Do You Put Beard Balm On Before Or After Oil?

The beard balm should be used after the beard oil. Just like with the oil, scoop a small amount of balm into your hand and rub it around. Then massage it into the most unruly parts of your beard. [6]

When Should You Start Using Beard Butter?

As your beard continues to grow over the next few weeks, you can begin to use beard balm for its styling benefits, which include keeping fly-away hairs and creating neater shapes. You can take advantage of the full range of beard balm benefits after 2 to 3 months of growth. [7]

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Can You Use Beard Oil And Beard Balm At The Same Time?

You can use beard oil and beard balm at the same time. If you want to keep the balm from repelling the beard oil, apply it just the right amount. The beard balm needs to be applied to your beard. To evenly distribute the products on your beard, use a beard comb. [8]

Do You Put On Beard Oil Or Balm First?

Always use oil first if you plan to use balm. Before applying the balm, allow a few minutes for the oil to absorb into the beard. [9]

How Do You Use Beard Oil And Butter Balm?

Similar to how beard balm is applied, beard butter should be applied to clean, dry hair. Use your hands to apply a dime-sized amount of product to your beard. [10]

Do I Use Beard Oil Before Beard Butter?

The point of using beard oil is to condition and nourish, so it’s best to apply under the beard first. [11]

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